Watching Woods win Masters was a magical moment for golfing world

Kirti Patil
Thursday, 18 April 2019

Aryan Roopa Anand was born to be a golfer and without a hinge of doubt Tiger Woods remains his idol.

Pune: Aryan Roopa Anand was born to be a golfer and without a hinge of doubt Tiger Woods remains his idol.

So when Woods was heading to the 18th green at the Augusta National Golf Club, entire golfing world watched with baited breath and Aryan was no different.

“I watched Tiger Woods on all four days. It was a surreal moment to watch someone I idolise. It was special this time as I watched him first time winning a Major,” is how Aryan expressed his thoughts in an interview with Sakal Times.

Aryan, who finished at No 2 on the Indian Golf Union’s (IGU) Order of Merit in 2018, is in Pune for the season-opening Maharashtra Junior Boys Open being played at the Poona Club Golf course here.
Even though he is focused on his game, Woods’ achievement has taken everything by storm and no conversation at golf course could start without Tiger being discussed.

“Masters means so much to him and it meant so much to me to be able to see him play. I would say this was one of the biggest sporting comeback. Maybe the best and to be able to witness that, if not live but on TV was a magical moment and pretty special,” said Aryan, who plays at Zion Hills Golf County, where his coach Tarun Sardesai runs a residential academy.

“I stay there full time just off Bengaluru and it helps me to concentrate of golf full,” Aryan told Sakal Times. 

The 17-year-old is so entrenched in making a career in golf that he has opted for NIOS, open schooling. Golf is everything for him. He said there is a roadmap that his coach and he are working on and no matter what he did, his thoughts always wave back to golf 

Golfing at 8
Aryan picked up the sport in Mysore, where he used to live previously.

“I used to watch my father play and watch a lot of golf on the television as well, and eventually, I started liking it. I also used to play tennis at that time. But even while playing tennis I used to think about golf, so after a month I quit tennis. I kept playing golf even though I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about it. All I knew was that it was fun and I loved it!,” Tarun said.

“After my father got posted to Bangalore and I met Tarun Sir and I realized what my true potential was. I wish I could express how much he means to me because his words of appreciation make me want to work harder and better.

When he turned 12, Aryan decided that he wanted to make a career out of golf .

“I played because I loved it. There was not any particular point of time in my life where I realized that I loved the sport. I loved it from the time I picked it up.”

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