Pro Kabaddi League: Mumbai wins a close match

Jigar Hindocha
Monday, 31 July 2017

U Mumba survives scare to score a narrow 29-28 victory over debutant Haryana Steelers

Hyderabad: It turned out to be one of the most thrilling contest of the Season 5 where debutants Haryana Steelers was on the verge of pulling out an upset before Anup Kumar stole victory for U Mumba.

In an evenly fought battle, the Season 2 champions Mumbai beat Haryana 29-28 on Day 3 of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 5 at Gachibowli Indoor Stadium on Sunday.

At the end of 38 minutes, scores were 29-25 in Mumbai’s favour. In next two minutes Haryana defenders caught Kashiling Adake and their raider Wazir Singh collected bonus point along with successful raid to make the score line 29-28.

In the last raid Anup with his empty raid pulled out one point victory.
For U Mumba Kashiling scored 7 points, while Anup bagged 6 and in defence Surinder Singh and Joginder Narwal scored 3 points each.

For Haryana, Wazir and Vikash Khandola collected six points each, while captain Surender Nada scored 5.

U Mumba looked more settled team than their first match as their raiders Kashiling Adake and Anup Kumar collected couple of points early in the match.

On the other side, new team Haryana came out with positive approach as well, as Wazir collected first point. Along with Wazir, Vikash also came handy and both the players managed to collect points in first five minutes. At the end of first five minutes, score was 5-3 with U Mumba holding an upper hand.

Next five minutes players from both the ends kept on collecting points and match progressed neck and neck. At the end of 10th minute Mumbai was ahead with two points with the score reading 7-5, before Haryana steadily crawled into the game thanks to captain Surender Nada and Mohit Chhillar coming good in defence quadrant and soon the score was 8-all.

After resumption, Mumba, who were trailing by 4 points brought their act together and with defenders came out with strong performance and targeted Wazir and Vikash.

In the last 10 minutes, Haryana fought with great determination and kept Mumbai on their toes.

Bulls out plays Titans
Home team Telugu Titans suffered second defeat on trot as Bengaluru Bulls registered easy 31-21 victory.

Captain Rohit Kumar was the star for the Bengaluru Bulls as he collected 12 points in the winning cause.

Again, clearly it was over dependency on Rahul Chaudhari that caused Telugu Titans badly as other players failed to collect points to make a match of it.

Match 1: U Mumba 29 (Kashiling Adake 7, Anup Kumar 6) bt Haryana Steelers 28 (Wazir Singh 6, Surender Nada 5).
Match 2: Bengaluru Bulls 31 (Rohit Kumar 12, Ajay Kumar 7) bt Telugu Titans 21 (Rahul Chaudhary 4, Nilesh Salunke 3).
Match 1:
Best Defender: Surender Nada
(Haryana Steelers)   
Best Raider: Kashiling Adake (U  Mumba)
Match 2:
Best Defender: Mahender Singh
(Bengaluru Bulls)   
Best Raider: Rohit Kumar
(Bengaluru Bulls)

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