Feels at home on track and road

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Feeling light and easy, the Triumph Street Triple RS generates a high level of confidence with its dynamic ability.

The Triumph Street Triple 765 RS is a thoroughly accomplished motorcycle. It tops the range that has Street Triple S at the bottom, and R in the middle. Producing 123bhp at 11,700rpm out of a three-cylinder 765cc engine, the RS costs Rs 1.83 lakh more than the S. Boasting of a lot more bells and whistles than the S, the Street Triple RS is priced at Rs 10.55 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. 

Featuring fully adjustable suspension, which consists of Showa forks at the front and an Ohlins STX40 monoshock at the rear, the RS produces 10bhp more than the S. The brakes are a range topping Brembo M50 calipers and the highly regarded Brembo MCS 19 master cylinder. Tyres are Pirelli Supercorsa. Flaunting a different switchgear than that of the S, the RS, in visual terms, stands out when parked alongside the S because of its unique satin-matt finish and styling touch like the rear seat cowl and a flyscreen, which, however, is not exactly the most practical. Handsome looking and masculine, the full colour display of the RS has six display modes, and is highly programmable.

5 rider modes

Equipped with a slipper clutch, the bike comes with five rider modes: Rain, Road, Sport, Track, and Rider. The modes control throttle response and levels of intervention from ABS and traction control. The ABS chimes in at three varying levels — Road, Track, and Off. The traction control has five settings — Rain, Road, Sport, Track and Off. 
Easy to ride in town because of its smooth delivery, the RS exhibits a near perfect power build-up through the range. Never causing a pressing need to shift as much, the RS impresses with its ability to accelerate. The six-speed quick shifting box makes for precise cog swaps, and works both ways — up and down. The bottom two gears are shorter and help to pull away. On the track, the ride-by-wire, in the sport or track mode, may provide some feeling of ‘on’ and ‘off’. It never, however, robs the rider of any confidence.  

Speeds in 3-digit territory 
The tacho, as part of the high-resolution TFT dash, changes colour when the revs get closer to the 12,500 redline. It first turns orange 1000rpm, then red, and ultimately flashes as the rev limit nears. Speeds in the three digit territory is accomplished easily, the Street Triple RS generates a high level of confidence with its dynamic ability. Feeling at home on the road as much as on the track, the bike impresses you greatly. 

If the side-to-side flick from full lean on one side to the other through the following apex is indicative of the sporting qualities of the Street Triple RS. Feeling light and easy, the sharper steering rake angle makes the bike quick to turn. The Pirellis are quite sticky and do a commendable job. The suspension is well damped. 

Over the Street Triple S, the RS is clearly the more superior. This is especially in the way it behaves and performs. Most effective in exerting itself on the track, the RS makes good value for money. 

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