Dastur, Mary’s, Abhinava girls advance

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

In the boys quarterfinals, Vidyanchal School ‘A’ defeats St Mary’s 29-6; Deccan Gymkhana ‘A’ beats ABC ‘A’ 47-46

Pune: Sardar Dastur School ‘A’ defeated Vidya Valley School 22-14 in the quarterfinals of the 8th Late Rajabhau Chitale Memorial Under-13 Basketball Championship being played at the Deccan Gymkhana basketball courts on Wednesday.
The Dastur girls were in control of the game right from the start as they led 12-6 at half time.  Tanvi Salve (8) and Vanshika Gothi (7) got on the scoreline for Sardar Dastur. For Vidya Valley, Samaira Malik scored 7 points while Anuja Tiwari scored 4 points.

In another match, St Mary’s School ‘A’ defeated Sharp Shooters 34-5 in a one sided contest. Shweta Deshpande from St Mary’s was in good form as she top scored with 10 points while Arusha Navani added 6 points to the tally. For Sharp Shooters, Poorva Bhirud managed to score 3 points. 
In another encounter, a good game by Saachi Pawar helped

Abhinava School get past Hutchings High School with the score reading 21-10.

Sacchi scored 12 points for Abhinava who were leading 8-4 at the stroke of the half time whistle. For Hutchings, Janhavi Kokaje scored two points. 

In the last girls quarterfinal game, Chondhe Patil Basketball Academy defeated Vidyanchal School 13-5 to advance further. Pranjal Patukale scored 6 points while Mansi Nimbalkar scored 4 points for the academy girls. For Vidyanchal, Siddhi Murkute chipped in with 4 points.

In the boys quarterfinal fight, Vidyanchal School ‘A’ defeated St Mary’s School 29-6 to win comfortably.

At half-time, Vidyanchal was ahead with the score reading 15-2. Kunal Bhosale (7) and Ayush Alhat (6) struck for Vidyanchal while Advaita Vpasni scored 4 for St Mary’s.

Deccan Gymkhana ‘A’ got past ABC ‘A’ 47-46 in a close match. Baskets kept coming in at regular intervals from both the sides. For Deccan Gymkhana, Meet Munot scored 16 points while Megh Atre scored 14 points. For ABC,  Tanmay Shinde scored 14 points while Vivan Gupta scored 6 points.

Results: Quarterfinals:
Girls: Sardar Dastur School ‘A’ 22 (Tanvi Salve 8, Vanshika Gothi 7) bt Vidya Valley School 14 (Samaira Malik 7, Anuja Tiwari 4) Half-time 12- 6; St Marys School ‘A’ 34 (Shweta Deshpande 10, Arusha Navani 6) bt Sharp Shooters 5 (Poorva Bhirud 3) Half-time 16-0; Chondhe Patil Basketball Academy 13 (Pranjal Patukale 6, Mansi Nimbalkar 4) bt Vidyanchal  School 5 (Siddhi Murkute 4) Half- time 4-3; Abhinava School 21 (Saachi Pawar 12) bt Hutchings 10 (Janhavi Kokaje 2) Half-time 8 - 4. 
Boys: Vidyanchal School ‘A’ 29 (Kunal Bhosale 7, Ayush Alhat 6) bt St Mary’s School 6 (Advaita Vpasni 4) Half-time 15-2; D G ‘A’ 47 (Meet Munot 16, Megh Atre 14) bt ABC ‘A’ 46 (Tanmay Shinde 14, Vivan Gupta 6) Half-time 22- 30.

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