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Aditya Lenka
Saturday, 3 March 2018

Redliners Moto Gear aims to cater to the growing demands of Moto enthusiasts. Here’s more about the store and its founders

Our country has been rapidly progressing in the field of motorsports. We get to see Motorsport festivals being organised very frequently and the vehicles on Indian roads are upgrading to global scales. In times like these, there arises a need for Indian motorcycle enthusiasts to upgrade their gear to match up to the beasts. 

To cater to the growing demands of Moto enthusiasts, Redliners Moto Gear, which is into importing, distributing and retailing top quality riding gear, has come to Pune. “I and my partners have been friends and have been riding together for long. We wanted to do something for the biking fraternity and since we’re well beyond the age to get on the track and race, we wanted to encourage and support others to take up motorcycling as a sport,” says Aditya Bhagwat, director, Redliners Moto Gear, who started the company with three other partners.

They aim to bridge the gap between affordable and unaffordable riding gear while maintaining the quality and finish of the premier products. So they bring to the table a wide array of helmets, gloves, riding trousers, jackets and other riding gear. “In a country where we are still struggling to convince people to wear helmets while riding a two-wheeler, the average rider limits himself or herself to a few popular brands which are mostly very expensive. There are international brands which people here do not consider as their options. Our idea is to bring those brands to India so that consumers have a fair choice,” he added.

The gear at Redliners provides customers with a wide range of products to choose from. What is most impressive about the gear available here is the patented British technology used in making these products. D-30 is a lightweight armour or protector material which goes into the riding apparel as padding to make it safe for the rider to use. The technology and material used is far superior to most of the other brands and makes the riding apparel significantly lighter than others. This riding gear can be worn for longer durations without feeling any weight or heat building up.

“The brand we are currently distributing is about 60 years old and is sold across 25 countries in the world. In India, consumers are generally not aware of the standards a brand like this provides, especially considering the price it is available at. We use videos and demonstrations to convince and satisfy customers that the product they are purchasing is truly of superior quality. We even show videos of what goes into the making of the D-30 protectors,” said Bhagwat.

Redliners opened their first store in Koregaon Park and plan to branch out soon.  “There are about more than 15-20 riding clubs in Pune; we wish to target each one of them. We also take special orders, so clubs can directly approach us with these orders,” Bhagwat added.

In the near future, Redliners Moto Gear aims to grow into a community. Community events such as rider tea meets, brunches and events where they will distribute freebies and organise contests to celebrate the pride and glory of the biking brotherhood, will be coming up soon. Visit the store or visit their FB page ( for more details on products and events.

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