Women travel enthusiasts are now using social media to find connections

Debasmita Dutta
Sunday, 18 March 2018

Solo women travellers seek company of like-minded females for group trips

Pune: Women and young girls who would like to travel solo but cannot do so due to constraints are now opting for the company of like-minded females and connecting with each other through social media platforms. Solo-traveller groups are now vigorously trending on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp, allowing interested women to join enticing travel plans.

Prajakta Joshi, founder of ‘Pune Women Solo Travellers’, a group which has been active for the last three years, said she was a solo-traveller before the formation of the group. “I feel that solo-travelling is not just for young girls, but also for middle-aged women who like solo-travelling, but cannot do so due to family restrictions or permissions. This inspired me to bring the idea of a solo-travellers group in the public domain. The group immediately got a huge response and many women’s groups have successfully completed their journeys to national and international destinations,” Joshi said.

Asmeeta Jacob, founder of Pune-based ‘Women Travellers Dreamcatchers’ group, said the group has attracted many members and has had trips to Dubai, Bali and other international destinations. 

 “As I have prior experience in the hotel and tourism industry, I have always ensured safety and security of our members,” she said. 

She explained how a person is selected. “An interested person has to give a short interview and follow some rules and restrictions to be part of the group. Moreover, if any member is found to be part of any felonious action, then the member is removed immediately and it is made sure that she cannot be a part of the group in the future.”

Sangita Saboo, founder of ‘Go Solo Pune’, has engaged more than a hundred members. 

“During our trips, I have experienced some extraordinary friendships which are memorable for life. The group has women who belong to various professions like teachers, artists and mostly IT professionals. Many of them migrate from their homes and want good friends and travel-mates,” she further added.

† Traveling in a group is ideal for women who have not travelled due to family restrictions or permissions
† Travelling in groups ensures safety, a big concern for solo women travellers. 
† It is a great way of meeting like-minded people and developing friendships. 
† Leh-Ladakh, Bali, Dubai and Mauritius remain the popular choices.

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