Where should Laxmi road residents head to on immersion procession day?

Kaumudi Kashikar Gurjar
Monday, 31 July 2017

During the festive season, many mandals and groups flout norms of noise pollution, which in turn takes a toll on people’s health and environment. Sakal Times, in its three-part series, takes a look at measures taken by police to keep a tab on such violators and effective steps taken by authorities to control the menace.

Laxmi Road residents consider spending two days away from home during immersion procession.

Pune: Laxmi Road residents, who have to endure the cacophony on the day of Ganesh festival’s immersion procession (visarjan), which now goes on for as long as 30 hours at a stretch are fed up and given a choice they would prefer to spend those two days away from their residence. Anything to avoid being caught in the bombardment of noise levels that easily cross 100 decibels!

Deepak Jain (62), resident of Sancheti Chambers near Vijay Talkies on Laxmi Road said this year he is thinking of spending the two days starting from Anant Chaturdashi elsewhere to escape from the rising noise levels. 

Blessings of different kind
Jain observed that for the last few years the Ganesh mandals located in the vicinity restrict the sound levels to prescribed limit and they ensure that the events during the 10 days of Ganesh festival end in time. 

Jain said residents of Laxmi Road know the significance of the festival which has a rich history of 125 years, but many of them would give blessings if the noise levels are brought under control.

Nikita Dahane, another resident of Laxmi Road, who is a mother of a four-month-baby said this year she would consider spending two days elsewhere. She said she enjoys the festival barring the last day when during last few hours before the deadline the noise levels hit a crescendo. She said she would consider spending the last day at some quieter place. 

Total immersion time
Year    Time 
2016: 28 hours 30 minutes
2015: 28 hours 55 minutes
2014: 29 hours 15 minutes
Total number of mandals
4,579 Ganesh mandals participated in the immersion procession last year.

Action will be taken
Joint Commissioner of Police Ravindra Kadam said,”We have informed Ganesh mandals about noise pollution norms  in our meeting and they have agreed to abide 
by the law.” he said.

‘However, if mandals violate the norms, we will surely take action. They have assured us that there will be no DJ. We will also restrict the number of speakers to be used during the festival.’ added Kadam

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board Sub-Regional Officer JS Salunkhe said MPCB checks noise levels at important locations throughout the festival.  Maharashtra Pollution Control Board  issues instructions to concerned agencies to keep sound levels under control,  he added.  (With inputs by Sunil Pradhan)

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