Viral flu on rise in city

Sakal Times
Friday, 19 January 2018

Doctors attribute it to changing weather conditions

Pune: With the increase in the number of patients with viral infection across the city, doctors suggest that the patient should get preliminary treatment as soon as they start feeling uneasy rather than waiting until they get down with fever and cold. Doctors also noted that these infections are on the rise because of a sudden change in weather conditions.

Speaking to Sakal Times, Dr Dinesh Lalwani said that the bacterias and viruses have a longer lifespan in winters. “The virus and bacterias reproduce more in this season. And so it is more probable to get sick. When the immunity of a person is weak, the cells are not ready for the weather change. Hence, many people get unwell,” said Lalwani.

Echoing similar opinion, another doctor Dr Amol Bhujadi said that senior citizens and infants with low immunity should take more care. “With less immunity, it gets very difficult to keep away from vial infections that one catches up to due to change in season. If a person is low on immunity, goes outdoors or comes in contact with other people who have infections, he also gets the infection. Also, if people get infection, they should immediately go to the doctor rather than opting for self-medication,” said Bhujadi.

He added that senior citizens with blood pressure are more susceptible to catch infections. “Maximum precaution should be taken to prevent these infections. One easy way to do that is drink warm water. Also, regular exercise can help maintain immunity as well as good strength to fight against viral infections,” said Bhujadi.

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