With a victory and a loss, NCP avoids celebration

Kaumudi Kashikar-Gurjar
Friday, 24 May 2019

Sule won the Baramati seat by 1.55 lakh votes, while Parth Pawar lost the Maval seat by 2.15 lakh votes

PUNE: Jubilant supporters of MP Supriya Sule were in a fix whether to go ahead with the celebration on a big scale to mark her victory or keep it low key in view of the defeat of Parth Pawar in Maval.

Sule managed a clear win with a margin of 1.55 lakh votes in the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency.

The youngest scion of the Pawar clan, Parth, the son of former deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar, lost the Maval seat to MP Shrirang Barne by 2.15 lakh votes. Sule supporters, who were present at Food Corporation of India, Koregaon Park, the counting centre, said Sule’s hard work has born handsome fruits. She retained the Baramati seat by 1,55,988 votes as against 72,000 in the last Lok Sabha elections. 

A Sule supporter said, “Such a victory deserves celebration on a large scale. However, we will keep it a low key affair, considering Parth’s defeat against Barne.”

Barne said, “Members of BJP-Shiv Sena have immensely supported and worked for victory and it is commendable. People have voted against corruption and dynasty. People voted for development. I had anticipated a win by over 2 lakh votes. I was confident about my work done for the people in Maval constituency.  It is time now for the NCP to do a retrospect.”

“No one from my family was CM, Deputy CM, MLA or MP. I have been working as ordinary party worker for past 25 years. This is my eighth Lok Sabha election, so I have the experience of fighting elections. Ajit Pawar and NCP party tried to impose their family member as the candidate in this Lok Sabha, which failed completely,” said Barne.

Barne also said his victory is the defeat of former deputy CM Ajit Pawar. He said Ajit Pawar had made this election a prestige issue. 

Giving details about Sule’s win, Kiran Gujar, a candidate’s polling representative, told Sakal Times that he was confident that Supriyatai would win this election by no less than 1.25 lakh votes. He said as the Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Kanchan Kul is a native from Daund, the 

opposition had predicted a lead of 60,000 plus votes in the Daund Assembly segment. The BJP candidate could manage to take the lead as low as 6,000 votes. 

He remarked, “This shows that voters rejected the BJP candidate on her home turf.” Kanchan Kul is the wife of Rahul Kul, the sitting Rashtriya Samaj Party (RSP) MLA from Daund. 

Commenting on the remarks made by senior BJP leaders, including PWD Minister Chandrakant Patil who was camping in the Baramati constituency for a good number of days, Gujar said whenever there were attempts to hurt Baramati’s self-esteem, they have given a fitting response.

Gujar said except the Khadakwasla assembly segment, in all other five segments the NCP performance has improved drastically. During the last Lok Sabha polls, Sule took the winning lead from Indapur (25,000), Baramati (90,000) and Bhor (15,000) while she was trailing in Daund (26,000), Purandar (7,000) and Khadakwasla (35,000). This time she took the lead in Indapur (70,938), Baramati (1,27,918), Bhor (18,969), Purandar (9,681) and trailed in Daund (7,024) and Khadakwasla (65,494).

Speaking about lack of celebration in Baramati or at the counting centre, Gujar said NCP supremo Sharad Pawar has never celebrated a victory on a big scale as he feels that it is just a democratic process.

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