Soon, follow traffic rules and win a gift voucher

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Traffic cops to reward commuters who do not have any pending e-challans

PUNE: The Traffic Branch of the Pune city police is working on an initiative to reward people who do not have any pending e-challans related to violation of traffic rules in the city. The minimum fine amount for any offence is Rs 200 while the maximum is Rs 2,000. 

Police officials said such commuters will get a voucher worth Rs 100 each, at select malls and restaurants. The cops are talking to some more merchants and sponsors.

As per the plan, if a commuter is halted by the traffic police and it is found that there are no pending e-challans against him or her, the person will be given the voucher in the form of a 12-digit code.

When contacted, DCP (Traffic) Pankaj Deshmukh said, “The initiative is still in the pipeline. The reward system might encourage more people in the city to follow traffic rules.”

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