Soon, body-worn cameras for traffic cops

Mubarak Ansari
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Dept to soon get 30 such cameras; first lot to be given to quick reaction teams

Pune: In the near future, traffic policemen and special units personnel of Maharashtra police will be armed with body-worn cameras. The department will soon get 30 such cameras. Sources said that the first lot of the cameras will be given to quick reaction teams (QRTs). 

These small cameras (button body cameras with night vision capability) will be fitted near the pocket of shirts and they will record all proceedings. “They can fetch real-time operational details from within the target area. It will be lightweight, covert, compact and suitable enough for body worn application without hindering with personal load carrying equipment of individual,” states the purchase documents.

Police officials said that the system will help supervisory officers to guide the team based on the visuals. 

“We will be observing feeds from at least 16 cameras on a receiver and guide the teams accordingly,” said an official from the DGP office in Mumbai.
Further plans include using the cameras while managing traffic. 
“When the traffic police are on duty, often arguments occur with the traffic offenders who refuse to pay penalty. Having video recording of such incidents will help in nailing the offenders. This will also put a brake on false allegations,” the officer further added.

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