Self-isolating with mobile, laptops or plugged in for music? Take care of your eyes and ears

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Speaking to Sakal Times, the ENT specialist at Sassoon General Hospital, Dr Rahul Thakur said that the headphones should not be used for more than 60 minutes at a stretch.

PUNE: With home isolation extended till April 14, many people are spending more time on mobile, laptop or TV screens. Listening to music has become a major source of entertainment. To ensure that this doesn't take a toll on your eyes and ears, doctors have shared necessary steps during this period.

Speaking to Sakal Times, the ENT specialist at Sassoon General Hospital, Dr Rahul Thakur said that the headphones should not be used for more than 60 minutes at a stretch.

“Many smartphones have a maximum volume warning in the phone. That is the volume should be at 60 per cent and not more. Due to excess use of headphones, the ears may develop more wax and fungal infection, which in the long run can reduce the hearing power,” said Dr Thakur.

Also, if a person listens more on headphones, Dr Thakur said the ear might start to pain.

“Hence it is essential that after every 60 minutes, 15 minutes gap is given before using the headphones again,” said Thakur.

Dr Ravindra Sardesai, Consultant - ENT, Jupiter Hospital, Pune said that continuous use of headphone is not a good idea.

“It can cause damage to the sensory cells in the inner ear. This can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss, especially if one hears very loud music for long hours. It’s important to take breaks, allow your ears to recover. Too much of loud noise so close to the eardrum can result in humming sounds in the ear that is called tinnitus. Such sound will disappear if you stop the use of earphones immediately. But if ignored, they can become permanent and can be very disturbing. Sometimes tinnitus even makes sleeping difficult,” said Sardesai.

He added that the use of earphone could weaken the self-cleaning capacity of the ear. This can cause wax build-up and earphones drive this wax inside. It causes ear block.

More screen time during home isolation is one of a good way to pass the time. However, this can lead to various eye problems.

Speaking to Sakal Times, Dr Aditya Kelkar, Director, National Institute of Ophthalmology, Pune said that after every 20 minutes, eyes should be rested for 2 minutes.

“If your screen time has increased, it is crucial to rest your eyes after every 20 min. You can look at a distant object outside the window or just shut your eyes for two minutes. This will rest the eyes,” said Dr Kelkar.

In addition to that, he added that the person should keep himself hydrated and get proper sleep.

“Moreover, a lot of people sit right below a fan while watching tv or phone. This should be avoided. As due to the air circulated by the fan, the eye can be dried. One should make sure that you are not directly under the fan. Also, during the night, the room should not be absolutely dark. There must be some dim light in the room,” said Kelkar.




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