Sassoon left red-faced due to ‘missing kidney’

Namrata Devikar
Monday, 18 December 2017

Kidney of a 2-year-old, which is there in body, was not visible in multiple scans

Pune: Senior authorities at Sassoon General Hospital (SGH) were busy covering up an embarrassing goof-up on their part, which led the parents of 2-year-old Faizal Tamboli to scramble frantically for answers as to why their boy's kidney is missing.

In reality, the kidney, which is there in the child's body, was not visible in multiple scans, and reports from the hospital stated the same. SGH authorities claimed on Monday that miscommunication on their part led the parents to assume that the right kidney of the boy was missing.

SGH doctors noted that a Computed Tomography (CT) scan done on December 15 confirmed the boy has both kidneys with the right one smaller and appearing atrophic.

Faizal Tamboli's parents had filed a complaint at the hospital that in 2015 the sonography reports, when Faizal was an infant, clearly showed both kidneys. However, in February and December this year the reports said the right kidney was not visualised.

SGH set up an inquiry committee and a CT scan was conducted on December 15.

SGH's defence
Speaking to the media on Monday, Deputy Dean Dr Murlidhar Tambe said sonography is not a definitive diagnostic investigation for locating a kidney.

“The right kidney is very small and so it was not seen in the sonography result. The reports said it is not visualised. The reports never said that the kidney was absent or missing. The CT scan was conducted which shows both kidneys at the normal location. The right kidney is small, measuring 1.6x0.5cm,” said Dr Tambe. He said the small right kidney is non-functioning.
Anorectal malformation

Dr Meenaxi Bhosale, Paediatrics Surgeon at SGH who operated on Faizal said the patient was admitted as a newborn baby at SGH on December 31, 2015. “He was suffering from anorectal malformation which is quite common. Such babies have problems with other organ systems which are co-existent. They have cardiac, spinal and gastrointestinal anomalies. The parents were asked to get a renal scan done after which further treatment of the boy will be planned,” said Dr Bhosale.

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