RTO begins inspection of panic buttons, GPS

Sushant Ranjan
Monday, 21 January 2019

However, it was unable to connect to Vahan 4.0 due to glitch

Pune: The Regional Transport Office (RTO) Pune, will be carrying out physical inspection of commercial vehicles to ensure that panic button and location tracker is installed. It is mandatory for all public service vehicles except two-wheelers, autorickshaws and e-rickshaws to install panic buttons and location trackers.

The functioning and connectivity to the Transport Department’s portal Vahan 4.0 is still not in its hands due to a technical fault and was proving to be a hindrance in smooth functioning since January 1.
 “From Saturday, we have started registering the commercial vehicles by physically ensuring that a panic button and tracking device of the specification provided under Automotive Industry Standards 140 have been installed. On Day 1, we could register about 35 taxis and 5 buses,” said Vinod Sagre, a senior  RTO official.

Fault in Vahan 4.0
Deputy RTO Sanjay Raut said, “BSNL has developed national vehicle tracking portal to enable all RTOs to check compliance and issue certificates. The portal has been integrated with the Transport Department’s Vahan 4.0 portal. However, due to technical issues, sellers and installers of the requisite devices, namely panic button and tracking system, are not able to access the portal to feed the unique ID of the tracking device into Vahan system.” 

“As this was affecting registration of the new commercial vehicles, the State Transport decided to allow the RTOs across the State to continue with the registration of these vehicles by physically ensuring its compliance. This has been done to avoid inconvenience to the vehicle owner,” Raut said.
“Once the details are integrated, the State can monitor vehicle location, get overspending alerts and emergency notification when passengers press panic button (emergency button),” he said.

Older vehicles exempted 

  • In Oct 18, Union Ministry of Road Transport & Highways decided to make it mandatory for vehicles to have vehicle tracking system and an emergency button to ensure passenger safety.
  • On Friday, the State Government’s Additional Transport Commissioner SB Sahasrabudhe brought out a circular directing the RTOs to resume registration of the commercial vehicles by physically ensuring that the panic button and tracking system have been installed as per the government directions. 
  • Vehicles which were registered with RTO before January 1, 2019, at the moment installation of tracker and panic button is optional. 
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