Rare items’ expo inaugurated

Tanya De
Sunday, 26 May 2019

International Collectors Society of Rare Items is celebrating its 25th anniversary

Pune: A three-day exhibition of rare items was inaugurated in the city on Friday. The International Collectors Society of Rare Items, Pune has organised the exhibition to mark its 25th anniversary.

It is being held from 10 am to 7 pm during May 24-26 at the Balgandharva Kaladalan on Jangli Maharaj Road.

Author and researcher of History of Forts PK Ghanekar inaugurated the event as the chief guest. Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum Board of Management member secretary Sudhanva Ranade was the guest of honour. 

Collectors from across Maharashtra have their exhibits on display. History enthusiasts visiting the exhibition were posing questions to the collectors making it interactive and educating.

Prakash Mahimkar, a nut cutter collector, said, “I have around 350 nut cutters. I started this collection in 1973 when I first visited the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum and was inspired by their collections. 

Whenever I visited foreign ports or if on vacation to various places such as Amravati, Solapur, Kolhapur, Rajasthan, I try to collect nut cutters. Nut cutters inspire me as the scope for the artisans to show their skill and designing is so much, every design has a unique meaning.”

The exhibition has a variety of collections that are attractive to people of all age groups. Starting from history enthusiasts to stationary lovers, there is something for everyone. 

Aditi Pendse from Vikram Pendse Cycle Museum said, “We come here each year with different things to exhibit, this year, we brought around 100 lighters. Some of these lighters date back to the 1960s.”

What is on display
 Cars, trains and aircraft scale models 
 Beetle nut boxes 
 Ganpati Idols 
 Minerals 
 Paithani sarees
 Sandle wood-carved sculptures
 Maple pins  
 Rare stationery
 Lighters  
 Nut cutters

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