Punekars share car-maintenance tips during coronavirus lockdown

Sunday, 29 March 2020

With no movement of vehicles during the nationwide lockdown, chances of four-wheelers developing snags have owners worried.

Pune: With no movement of vehicles during the nationwide lockdown, chances of four-wheelers developing snags has owners worried. 

Owners are scurrying to maintain their vehicle to protect it from problems faced due to inactivity. Experts say that owners should check their vehicles after every 2-3 days. Here are some tips shared by vehicle owners and automobile enthusiasts. 

Akshay Veerkar, an application engineer who lives in Punawale and travels throughout Maharashtra for work, said that engaging the handbrake over an extended period can result in the brake pads getting stuck to the discs or drums. "If you are going to leave your car idle for a long period, it's advisable to remove the spark plugs and spray little oil into the plug sockets before putting the plugs back again," Veerkar said. 

Raj Srivastav works as the Vice-President of an international bank in Pune. He says that one should idle the car for five to ten minutes twice a week. "Alternatively, disconnect its negative terminal after idling for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, disconnect its positive terminal as well," Srivastav added.  

He further suggested to over-inflate the tyres to 40 PSI and check for rodents inside the car. "Keep some pesticides inside the engine room," Srivastav said.  

"If your insurance is expiring, do not expect the agent to call you in the prevailing situations. Reach out to the insurance companies and pay your premium to stay insured," Srivastav said. 

Automobile expert Jayesh Kale advised unplugging the battery terminals. "If you can't disconnect the battery terminals, ensure that you crank your vehicle engine for five minutes every alternate day and let it idle without acceleration. 

"If the vehicle is left unattended for more than a week, there is a potent threat of rodent infestation. Conduct a thorough visual check for any marks of rodent infestation such as pieces of rubber/foam/wire, rodent faeces around or below your vehicle," said Kale.  

"Move the vehicle forward or backwards, not more than a couple of inches. This helps in improving the dead weight management capability of the tyres," added Kale. 

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