Pune witnessing hottest December since 2007: IMD

Namrata Devikar
Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Cyclone Ockhi major reason for warm winter this time

Pune: Even though we are in the second half of December, winter is still not here. According to data furnished by the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Pune is witnessing the hottest December so far since 2007. The lowest minimum temperature for the month was recorded on Tuesday at 11.7 degree Celsius. The previous highest minimum temperature recorded was 10.9 degree on December 7, 2007.

Speaking about the reason for the warmer days and nights and an overall delayed winter, DS Pai, Head, Climate Prediction at Climate Research Division of IMD, Pune, said that one of the major reasons is cyclone Ockhi.

Effects of Ockhi 
“Winter sets in when the cloud formation is not there. Firstly, due to cyclone Ockhi, we witnessed rainfall and clouds due to which heat was trapped. Secondly, the winter winds coming from the north, which is the Himalayas, also result in lower temperatures here. But right now, the easterlies from the Bay of Bengal are seen in the climate model to be more dominant, hence the temperature is not dropping very much,” said Pai.

He also added that till December 24, the easterlies will be powerful and hence the minimum temperature will be more or less around 11 degree.

“After that, by the end of this month, we can expect some drop in temperature, as the prediction model shows that the winds from the north are getting stronger,” said Pai.

December 2008 reported the lowest minimum temperature for the month of December, which was 8.6 degree Celsius, the third warmest December in the past decade.

According to IMD, an all-time record was set on December 27, 1968, when the lowest minimum temperature dropped to 3.3 degree Celsius in the city.

IMD officials also noted that the irregular cold breeze witnessed across the State is due to the wind circulation.

The lowest minimum temperature in the State was recorded to be 8 degree Celsius at Gondia on Tuesday. 

*Year==Minimum temperature of the month (in degree Celsius)==Date
*2016==8.3== Dec 11
*2015==6.6==Dec 26
*2014==7.8==Dec 29
*2013==6.8==Dec 14
*2012==7.4==Dec 27
*2011==7.6==Dec 27
*2010==6.5==Dec 14
*2009==8.5==Dec 25
*2008==8.6==Dec 31
*2007==10.9==Dec 7 

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