Pune: Warje hill defaced by drunkards; stray animals create menace for citizens

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Monday, 7 September 2020

Local residents and environmentalists have demanded PMC and Forest department to keep a vigil on the Warje hill

Pune: Local residents and environmentalists have demanded Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and Forest department to keep a vigil on the Warje hill to prevent defacing by drunkards and menace of stray animals on this hill, which is inconveniencing the citizens coming here for a walk in the morning and evening hours.

Chandrakant Chaudhary working for environment and hill conservation through the Bajaj Arpan organization and also a resident of the area said, it is necessary for the employees of the forest department and the civic body to take action against the concerned persons.

In the forest area in front of Shani Mandir and on the hill, it has been cultivated by planting various types of trees through various social organizations for the last several years. However, due to the stray dogs, pigs, buffaloes and menace of drunkard groups, the common citizens who come for walks in this area are suffering. Baba Dhumal, the founder of Warje Highway Vikas Pratishthan, has complained that no one pays attention to the complaints.

Thousands of trees are being planted on this hill through the efforts of Nanasaheb Dharmadhikari Pratishthan, Cummins Company, Nature Delight Club, Sudiksha Foundation, Warje Environment Committee, the Garden Department of Pune Municipal Corporation and senior citizens who are members of nearby local residential societies.

In doing so, Cummins has set up a pipeline, a water tank and a tank. Hundreds of people come to this hill every morning and evening for exercise and yoga. But, today, the animals and drunkards have defaced this hill. This makes citizens afraid to go for walks on this hill. The area is filthy and the stench is widespread. Nivrutti Yenpure of Nature Group, Sampat Khaire and Deepak Chandgude of Cummins Group complained that there are stray animals sitting in the tank. A mobile police squad is needed in the area, they demanded.

Abhijit Mane, Health Inspector said, “We are taking action as soon as we receive a call. Action has been taken at this place before too. If needed, action will be taken again.”

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