Pune: State government should provide financial assistance to PMC, says Mayor

Salil Urunkar
Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Mayor Murlidhar Mohol has demanded financial assistance for Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) from the state government

Pune: Mayor Murlidhar Mohol has demanded financial assistance for Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) from the state government. “We have already spent Rs 250 crore while combating COVID-19 outbreak in the city, but now PMC needs funds,” he said.

Mohol made this demand during a review meeting held on Monday at the Divisional Commissioner office in presence of district guardian minister and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar.

Mohol said, “The jumbo facilities will cost around Rs 300 crore of which the state government has agreed to bear 50 per cent cost. We are thankful to them. PMC is going to bear 25 per cent cost for these three jumbo facilities in the city. We are not going to deny funds for isolation facilities being set up but the state government should consider the financial situation of PMC too. We have already spent Rs 250 crore in the last five months in our fight against Covid-19 and we will need financial assistance from the state government now.”

“We are anticipating a bed shortage in August as the number of COVID cases are continuously rising. The jumbo facilities will be operational by mid-August but till then we have to make some alternative arrangements. All officials and government agencies should shoulder the responsibility to make available an adequate number of hospital beds for COVID-19 patients in the city,” Mohol said.

Mohol also raised the issue about exorbitant treatment charges by private hospitals. He said, “We are receiving a lot of complaints about private hospitals charging high rates for beds and overall treatment for COVID-19 disease. Some private hospitals are not providing standard medical services to Covid-19 patients. The state government should look into this matter and take suitable action.”

Meanwhile, Divisional Commissioner Dr Deepak Mhaisekar informed that the state government has released Rs 18 crore fund for five districts under the Pune division. The funds have been further disbursed to each district, Mhaisekar said.

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