Pune: Stalker steals mobile phone, promises to return only if girl says yes to marriage

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Monday, 3 August 2020

In a shocking incident in Pimpri, a rejected lover proposed a girl for marriage; stole her mobile phone until she said yes

Pimpri: In a shocking incident, a 21-year-old youth from Pimpri was allegedly caught stalking a girl on a daily basis. The culprit, who claimed to be in love, would regularly harass the girl using different mobile numbers while asking her to marry him. On Saturday, he chased her and allegedly stole her mobile handset, until she said yes to him for marriage.

The incident came to light after the girl (19) approached Pimpri Police station on Sunday and based on the technical investigation of cyber-crime the police nabbed the youth. The police have identified the youth as Rishikesh Raju Diwar (21), a resident of Kailash Nagar in Pimpri. He has been arrested under the relevant sections of Indian Penal Code comprising of molestation, stalking, theft and more.

According to the police officials, “The girl has been harassed by Rishikesh for the last month. Initially, he developed a friendship with the victim to gain information about the company in which she was working and later he had informed her that he is good to the girl's brother. Based on which the girl had shared her mobile number. But later the suspect started calling her, initially she thought it was out of curiosity of jobs but later she started observing that he has been repeatedly calling her. He started proposing to her for marriage but the girl refused. He then started calling her from different numbers after noticing that the number was blocked by the victim.”

Police added, “Suspect Rishikesh started waiting outside her company gate and also stalked her till her house. She was fed up with it and she use to threaten him that she will approach police but he claimed that he will commit suicide and kill his brother if she takes such steps. The victim started neglecting him. On Saturday, he abused her and asked her to sit on the bike forcefully. The victim was worried about her image before her office colleagues and he took her near Pimpri based Dairy Farm road, he slapped her and started abusing her. Later when the girl started raising her voice for help, he snatched her mobile handset and fled away.” The victim was scared and then approached police.

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