Pune: Recovered from Covid-19? Know why you are still at risk

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Sunday, 30 August 2020

Recovering from Covid-19 does not necessarily mean that the dangers to your health have been averted

Pune: Recovering from Covid-19 does not necessarily mean that the dangers to your health have been averted. Especially patients with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease should keep an eye on the changes in their vital body parameters. Medical experts have warned that even after recovering from Covid-19, there is a risk of heart attack for about a month. There is a risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Also, some patients have been diagnosed with paralysis. Also, lung disease has been diagnosed in several patients.

Cardiologist Dr Rituparna Shinde said, “Don't be careless after recovering from Covid-19. Pay close attention to the changes in your own body. If you have chest pain, shortness of breath or if it is getting worse, take it seriously. Consult an expert doctor immediately.”

Medical Specialist Dr Ashwini Joshi said, “Coronavirus infection can cause permanent damage to the lungs. Also, ability of lungs to function at full capacity is reduced. Therefore, patients with pneumonia caused due to coronavirus should take special care.”


  • Coronavirus infection causes damage to heart
  • It takes time for the heart to heal
  • Viral infection can cause inflammation of the heart
  • It causes blood vessels to swell
  • Blood clots are formed. It causes a heart attack


The greater the coronavirus infection, greater is the risk of the post-covid syndrome. A mild infection of the coronavirus lasts for fifteen days. In a patient with an acute infection, the effect lasts for more than a month. Patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disorders, and respiratory disorders are at the highest risk.


It has been observed that coronavirus infection thickens the patient’s blood. There have been similar findings of SARS and other viral infections. The infection causes the patient to develop pneumonia. There is a risk of heart attack one month after he is cured. Research on this is ongoing in Covid-19 patients.


At the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, a committee of medical experts had advised to start an independent outpatient department (Flu OPD) to examine patients with cold, fever, cough. Now the committee has suggested to start ‘Post Covid OPD’.

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