Pune Railway Protection Force 1st in India to start ‘e-patrolling’

Sushant Ranjan
Wednesday, 15 January 2020

“We are going to develop ‘e-patrolling’ software for our staff,” RPF Divisional Security Commissioner Arun Tripathi told Sakal Times.

PUNE: After successfully starting a single number 182 for railway passengers by Pune Railway Protection Force (RPF) which was later adopted across the country, the organisation is working to develop a software ‘e-patrolling’ to check the presence of staff at a particular location.

According to the official, the movement of staff will be available on the mobile or computer and will be managed by Divisional Security Commissioner of Pune Railway Division. “We are going to develop ‘e-patrolling’ software for our staff,” RPF Divisional Security Commissioner Arun Tripathi told Sakal Times.

“This will help us to know about the actual patrolling movement of our staff. If they are going to their deputed area or location, their movement will be available for us to check. This is just a beginning phase and initially, we are developing a digital map of our division,” RPF Divisional Security Commissioner Arun Tripathi further told Sakal Times.

The software is being developed by a Surat-based start-up. The project was recently tabled to the RPF Principal Chief Security Commissioner of Central Railway in Mumbai. 

The software will be operational in next 6-7 months. It will be started first with the Pune Division and then will be introduced across the country. If everything goes well, the RPF of Pune Railway Division will become the first to become a digitised force. Earlier, security number 182 was started by RPF and then adopted across the country. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal also appreciated their initiative towards starting a new facility. “This will also help to provide service on time to the railway passengers. We will develop three beats namely fix, dynamic and special,” Tripathi revealed.  Fix beat will be given to staff for a particular area in which they will be deputed only for that location. This will be visible after geo-fencing mapping of the area. The staff will not move to another area which is not specified to him. 

The dynamic beat will be the movement of the staff, which means the officer will move from one location to another and special duty beat will be given to a squad which  will be deputed for special duty, Tripathi said.

- The RPF staff member will log in when he comes for duty. 
- His location will be seen on mobile and computer, as seen on maps.
- He will only be designated to the specific area. If he moves to another place it will be visible on the system. 
- If something happens in his area, an alert message will come to his mobile to update him. 
- There will be three options which he needs to select - ‘work is completed’ after which message will be sent to the authority. If not completed it will also be updated to senior, and if the work has been carried forward to another staff, he will have to click that.

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