Pune police managed immersion in 24 hrs

Sunil Pradhan
Saturday, 14 September 2019

Police officials lodged 12 cases of noise pollution and 10 sound systems were seized by the city police for violating norms of noise pollution.

PUNE: Pune City Police Commissioner K Venkatesham thanked all Ganesh mandals for their cooperation which helped the city police complete the immersion process in 24 hours, which is about two-and-half hours earlier compared to last year. It was the first time the city police completed the immersion process in 24 hours in last one decade. 

Speaking about the immersion process, Venkatesham said that the event was incident-free and people enjoyed a lot in the immersion process. “Thanks to the synergy between police officials and citizens, police officials initiated a number of citizen-friendly measures aimed at facilitating citizens with the best of police services,” he said.

“We also conducted numerous meetings and follow-ups with the mandals which helped us in the coordination and completion of the immersion process,” said Venkatesham.  

Citizens and Ganesh mandals appreciated the efforts of the police for completing the immersion procession. .

This year 290 mandals were on Laxmi Road while 196 were on Tilak Road, 46 on Kumathekar Road and 70 on Kelkar Road. A total of 602 mandals took immersion passes from the police. The last mandal came at Alka Chowk at 9.45 am. This year 2,484 public mandals and 1.75 lakh households participated in the immersion process.

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