Pune: PMC takes action against traders in Tulshibaug

ST Staff
Saturday, 6 June 2020

Traders in Tulshibaug and Mandai in Pune have faced action from Pune Municipal Corporation for not following norms of social distancing

Pune: A day after the Pune’s prime market places like Tulshibaug and Mandai reopened, they have now faced action by Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) anti-encroachment department for failing to maintain the social distancing norms.

In order to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, many parts of the city were into lockdown. After a span of over two months, things are settling down in the city.

The shopkeepers and traders in Tulshibaug were asked to resume business at their respective areas with proposed odd and even plan. The PMC had also cautioned and laid down a few guidelines prior to opening shops.

The norms like social distancing, use of masks and gloves, digital payments, sanitation and more were already issued. Tulsibaug area comprises of over 350 shops. Also, over 200 hawkers are already running the business in the area. The area was already sanitised by the PMC officials as well as a team is also deployed to monitor the situation in the area. On the other hand, Mahatma Phule Mandai also boasts over 200 hawkers.

On Friday, the PMC officials and the police observed that the social distancing norms had been neglected and similar was observed on Saturday.

Madhav Jagtap, PMC’s Head of Anti-Encroachment Department, said, “The basic norm of social distancing has not been followed which we have been urging people as well as traders. We have penalised 10 traders for not following the norms of social distancing, not using the mark points to stand and carry out business. We have taken action against the 10 traders and their shop license has been taken.”

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