Pune: PMC to start flu clinics and OPDs; COVID-19 and other patients will be examined

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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

The Pune Municipal Corporation's (PMC) will restart flu centre and the OPDs which were closed in the city

Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation's (PMC) Outpatient Department (OPD) and flu centres were closed in some places in Pune. So the citizens are running from pillar to post for getting treatment facilities. However, the closed OPD will start in the next eight days claimed Chief Medical Officer of Pune, Dr Ramchandra Hankare.

The PMC has OPDs at several places in the city to keep a check on coronavirus as well as suspected patients. However, after the increase in COVID-19, the outpatient department of many such places was closed. The doctors, nurses and pharmacists were shifted to another hospital for treatment facilities at a different hospital, COVID centre and clinic. Thus, the outpatient departments have been merged into another hospital. However, this has led to a flurry of patients living near the closed outpatient hospital.

While giving information about this, health Hankare said, "The outpatient wards of 12 places in the city have been merged with the outpatient departments of other places to serve the patients of the pandemic in one place and to see a maximum number of patients. This staff has been hired especially where there are municipal hospitals. However, the merged outpatient departments will be reopened in the next eight days as per the availability of doctors. This will help patients get treatment closer."

"Suspected or positive patients will be diagnosed immediately and treated as soon as possible. If the patients get treatment in the initial stage, they do not become serious or let to some critical condition and they do not even need a ventilator,” said the newly appointed health officer of the PMC Dr Nitin Bilolikar said.

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