Pune: PMC employee alleges negligence from doctors at Kothrud COVID Care Centre

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Friday, 17 July 2020

Shinde also complained about the quality of food served to patients in the COVID Care Centre in Kothrud amongst other things.

Pune: A Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) employee has alleged negligence on part of doctors with the ill-treatment and sub-standard food provided to patients at the COVID Care Centre in Kothrud. "Doctors did not care to attend patients in the centre for five days," he claimed.

Prabhakar Chandrakant Shinde, working at the road department in Shivajinagar-Ghole road ward office of PMC, has made these allegations. Shinde said, "I was having symptoms of COVID-19 and hence got myself tested on July 9. Three days later I received my test report which said I was having COVID-19. So I was told to arrive at the isolation centre at 3 pm and bring my clothes along. By the time I reached there, my condition had started to deteriorate. I needed immediate medical attention but no doctor or nurse could attend me. About three hours later a bus and ambulance arrived and took us to the COVID Care Centre at Godavari building in the Sinhagad College."

"When we reached the centre, we thought we would now get good treatment from doctors, but they did not arrive till 10 pm. When people in the centre started complaining, doctors came but they did not check us. Instead, they threw medicine kits at us and left," Shinde said.

Shinde also complained about the quality of food served to patients in the centre. He said, "Two days before I was feeling a bit dizzy, but nobody was there to attend. I went to the third floor and got an ORS powder packet for myself. It is expected that patients should be given medicines and other things at his bed, but this does not happen at the centre. On one hand, the government is appealing everybody to treat COVID patients with respect but on the other hand, we are being ill-treated by medical staff and doctors. We were also told that the government is spending Rs 250 per person for the food but we are being served sub-standard quality food."

Uday Bhat, President of PMC Workers Union said, "We have received many complaints that PMC workers are being ill-treated by doctors and medical staff. So we have requested that the PMC administration should make separate arrangements for treatment of PMC workers."

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