Pune: Naidu Hospital witnesses 15-minute power outage; old generator exposed

Chaitraly Deshmukh
Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Patients admitted to Naidu hospital in Pune witnessed a shocking 15 minutes on Monday night when power supply at the building gone down

Pune: Patients admitted to Naidu hospital which is run under the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC), witnessed a shocking 15 minutes on Monday night when power supply at the building gone down. However, fortunately, the power supply was restored within ten minutes, saving the lives of the patients.

Naidu Infectious Diseases Hospital is the only hospital in the Pune municipal corporation (PMC) which is the first in the city to dedicate COVID-19 in the city.

Talking to Sakal Times, Nitin Kadam, president of the NCP's Parvati division, and sources at Naidu Hospital, "the power supply was cut off on Monday night around 11.30 pm. There is a separate generator and it was expected to turn on in seconds when the lights went out. However, even though the light went off for about ten minutes, but the generators provisions did not commence in time."

He added, "Meanwhile corona patients are being treated on a ventilator bed. There was a battery backup with UPS for the ventilator. However, the lights did not come despite the generator provisions there did not operate which was causing a restless moment even for the doctors,  staff and officials. The ventilator started giving alarms as the backup of the battery also ran out. So the life of the patient on the ventilator was on hold. But, fortunately, the light returned in ten minutes, saving the lives of these patients."

When contacted, the health department, Naidu Hospital Superintendent, Head of Health, Assistant Health Officer more officials have preferred to remain silent on the matter. It is not known yet whether the health department has taken the initiative to investigate the matter.


The Health Minister of the state Rajesh Tope, former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and MLA Rohit Pawar recently visited Naidu Hospital. However, the basic facilities there have not been improved yet. Last week, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray announced that the corporation, including Naidu, would allow funding for the pandemic. Then, what are the difficulties in replacing the generator, renovating other facilities, said a staff member.

"The patient's life was in danger when the lights went out for ten minutes and the generator did not start. The generator repair contract has expired and there is no person for its maintenance. But, in ten minutes the light came on and everything was back to normal. This has happened three times in the last 15 days’ time span. This kind of malpractice, negligence needed an inquiry to be set up. The action need to be taken against those responsible for endangering the lives of patients,” Kadam added.

"The generator here is not defective and it is automatic. It takes five minutes to start when the power supply is disconnected as it is old-fashioned and the light that went off on Monday night came in five minutes. Also, the repair contract has not expired, said Srinivasa Kandul, Head of Electricity of Pune Municipal Corporation.

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