Pune: Meet Jaidya, a burglar who calls police to avoid thrashing from public

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Sunday, 30 August 2020

Police believe Jaidya has committed more than 100 such burglaries.

Pune: Jaidya alias Jaywant Gaikwad… burglar who has more than 90 cases of house breakin, thefts registered against in several police stations in the city… His modus operandi is quite different from other burglars. If caught or picked up by police for any offense, Jaidya reveals all details and ‘helps’ police in recovery of the stolen items… and if common citizens catch him, he locks himself into the house or shop and dials 100, informs police, waits till they arrive and steps out in ‘police protection’ to evade thrashing from public.

Samarth police arrested Jaidya and his distant cousin Vishal Adamane. Their thorough interrogation has revealed this modus operandi. Police believe Jaidya has committed more than 100 such burglaries. He used to invest or keep the valuables, especially gold, safe with the finance companies or jewellers in the city. Jaidya used to live in expensive flats and led an ‘elite lifestyle’.


Jaidya used to do car repair work in PMPML. He then set up his own garage. At the same time, he started committing burglaries and thefts. Jaidya used to go alone and break into houses. After 4 to 5 burglaries, he would get a few valuable items in a burglary. He gradually increased his count of burglaries. Jaidya arrived in Pune city and started recceing closed homes during the day and committed theft at those places in the night. While he committed burglaries in Rasta Peth and Nana Peth areas, he came on records of the Samarth police station. However, with the advent of CCTV surveillance methods, Jaidya got exposed more frequently.

Despite preventive action taken by the police, Jaidya has never been ‘dishonest’ with the police. The stolen goods were kept with finance companies and jewellers or goldsmiths. If ever caught by the police, Jaidya used to give detailed information about the goldsmiths, how much goods were given to the finance companies at what time, how much was the price, etc. The police also enjoyed a 100 per cent ‘recovery’ of stolen items and received good publicity.


A few days ago, Faraskhana and Samarth police were searching for suspects involved in the burglaries that were reported from shops located in marketplace areas like Bhavani Peth and Nana Peth. Police constable Nilesh Sable was inspecting the CCTV footage when he observed Jaidya walking near the crime scene.

After receiving a tipoff that Jaidya would be travelling to Shirgaon in Maval tehsil, a team of Sub-Inspector of Police Prabhakar Kapure, police personnel Sushil Lonakar, Rajas Sheikh, Santosh Kale and Nilesh Sable laid a trap and arrested him. Police seized 70 grams of gold, 500 grams of silver and a two-wheeler, all worth Rs 2.5 lakh from him.

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