Pune housing societies plan indoor activities for children

Anvita Srivastava
Friday, 27 March 2020

Various housing societies in Pune have planned indoor activities for the children.

Pune: Online activities, indoor games and dedicated WhatsApp group for children’s activities are the last resort for the parents to keep their children indoors when the entire country is in the lockdown.

Various housing societies from the city has planned indoor activities for the children.

“We have circulated the notice to the entire society asking residents not to allow children outside and also has locked up the play area so that they do not come out. But children are children, and they come out. So we are trying to engage children with online session and indoor games,” said Santosh Krishna, resident, Ivy Apartments, Wagholi.

Another resident of Wagholi from Suyog Nisarg, Nitin Kumar Jain mentioned that their entire society is locked down and no one is allowed to come out. He said, “We have our internal section 144 inside the society, and there is strict advisory of not letting children come out and play.

"But for the children in our society, we have created a separate WhatsApp group to engage them in a better way. Every day there is an activity on that group such as drawing competition or puzzles to keep them occupied and indoors. Once the situation improves, we will also organize gifts for all the children who are participating in it,” Jain said.

However, for Smita Jain, an Aundh resident mentioned that there was no such advisory circulated in the society regarding children, and therefore some still come out.

She said, “I have three children. One elder son and twins and have made sure that all my children stay indoors. However, maids and vendors have been banned in society, but still, there is no circular for children, and some of them continue to come out.

"This tempts my children too, and therefore I have to make sure that to engage them besides my office work. Apart from online activities and indoor games, my elder son, who is 11 years old, I also ask him to help me with household chores.”

She added, “It was important for everyone to follow the lockdown strictly. I ensure that my children stay indoor since March 22.”

Maithali Manakawad, resident of Windsor Avenue in Wanawadi, “It is difficult to keep the children indoors all the time. Therefore, in our society, they do come out for some time for cycling or other activities, but we continuously monitor them to check if they do not make big groups to play.”

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