Pune: Five women injured after tree branch falls, citizens and fire brigade personnel rescue them

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Sunday, 30 August 2020

Five women from Janata Vasahat area received minor injuries after a branch of a tree fell on them

Pune: Five women from Janata Vasahat area received minor injuries after a branch of a tree fell on them on Thursday evening at around 6pm. Citizens in the neighbourhood and fire brigade personnel managed to rescue these five women and later rushed them to a private hospital for treatment.

Women from the Janata Vasahat area come together to have a chat under a tree in Ambil Odha (stream) colony near SPM school in Dandekar bridge area. Several kids too play around the tree. As usual, on Thursday evening, Sarada Thorat, Surekha Arde, Lakshmi Kasbe, Sarika Shinde and Parvati Sonawane were chatting under the tree on Thursday (August 28) evening. At about 6 pm, a branch of the tree suddenly fell. The women were scared due to this. The tree branch fell sans strong winds or torrential rain.

Taking the situation into consideration, some citizens who were nearby removed some of the branches and immediately rescued four women and rushed them to a private hospital for first aid and further treatment. However, a large part of the branch fell on the body of a woman and it was difficult for the citizens to clear it to rescue her.

At the same time, the citizens from the colony informed the fire brigade about the incident. After that, firemen Umesh Shinde, Vitthal Sable, Mahesh Gargote, Sachin Kshirsagar rescued the woman who was trapped under the tree branch within a few minutes.

Fire Brigade officers from Janata Vasahat said, “We rushed to the location when we received a call that a woman was trapped under a branch of a tree. Citizens managed to rescue a woman, but the other woman was trapped under a large branch. We cut that branch with our tools and rescued the woman. The two women were slightly injured and three women were seriously injured.”


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