Pune: Doctor drives ambulance to save critical patients life

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Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Meet Dr Ranjit Nikam, a doctor who turned real saviour for the patient in Pune

Pune: A patient in a COVID Care Centre suddenly fell ill…  The patient was in critical condition and had to be shifted to a hospital in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)… He tried contacting the 108 ambulance service but none was available… The driver of the ambulance at the Covid Care Centre was unwell and the replacement driver’s phone was not reachable… On one hand, the patient’s condition was deteriorating and on the other, it was important to save his patient's life. Taking into consideration the seriousness of the situation, the doctor finally decided to drive the ambulance himself and take the patient to a dedicated COVID hospital so that his life could be saved… Dr Ranjit Nikam is the name of the doctor who turned saviour for the patient.

This incident took place on Monday (August 24) night at a COVID Care Centre in Pune city. The relatives of the patient are undergoing treatment at the same centre. Therefore, it was not possible for them to take their patient to another hospital. Dr Ranjit Nikam and his colleagues Dr Rajpurohit finally sensed the urgency and drove the ambulance themselves.

However, the struggle to get good and timely treatment did not end here. Like several other patients in the city, the doctor himself experienced that there is shortage of ICU beds in the city. As he drove the ambulance and reached Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, he was told that there is no ICU bed available. The patient was then taken to Sahyadri hospital. Even there, ICU beds were not vacant and finally the patient was taken to Poona Hospital where he was admitted for treatment. 

It was Dr Nikam’s timely intervention and judgment to drive the ambulance himself to reach the hospital in time which saved the life of the patient. Dr Nikam and Dr Rajpurohit’s efforts were appreciated by the relatives of the patients as well as hospital staff and other doctors.

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