Pune-based start-up providing diesel to NIC, hospitals, housing societies at the doorstep

Friday, 27 March 2020

Repos Energy, a Pune based door-to-door diesel delivery start-up is powering the National Information Centre, city hospitals and residential societies in the wake of coronavirus lockdown.

PUNE: Pune-based door-to-door diesel delivery start-up Repos Energy is helping hospitals, waste management depots and residential societies amid the 21-day lockdown called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to contain the coronavirus.

As the downpour on Tuesday night led to power breakdowns at many hospitals, their diesel generators were backed by the door-to-door diesel delivery service.

“The daily requirement of the hospitals ranges between 500 litres and 2,000 litres depending on the consumption. We are reaching out to over a dozen major hospitals in Pune, including the National Information Centre, Sahyadri, Jehangir, Aditya-Birla hospitals, etc,” said Aditi Bhosale Walunj, co-founder at Repos Energy.

Aditi said hospitals always need the back-up for crucial functions like the ventilators and smooth operations of the intensive care units (ICU).

“There are two Repos Petrol Pumps (RPPs), which are making trips to over 22 major and small hospitals serving as a lifeline in times of lockdown,” she said.

Four staffers are working in rotation, providing diesel services. 

We are ensuring that all the WHO norms are adhered to, and staff are wearing protective gears, using sanitizers with contactless working in the risky environment,” Chetan Walunj, Co-founder of Repos said.

“There is enough supply to be provided for the next 20 days of the lockdown period for now. We are also providing fuel to housing societies and solid waste management plants,” said Chetan.

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