Pune based builder plans murder of his daughter’s boyfriend

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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

A builder from Pune has been accused of planning and executing the murder of his 19-year-old daughter's boyfriend

Pune: It seems the crime rate has toppled the Pune city as a man allegedly planned the murder of his daughter's boyfriend as he was upset with the relation.  

A builder, Yashwant Kamble, has been accused of planning and executing the murder of his 19-year-old daughter's boyfriend because of his disappointment with their relationship. The police have arrested three people for their involvement in the murder.  Apart from Kamble, who is the deceased’s partner’s father, two more people have been arrested for the alleged involvement in the incident.

The deceased has been identified as Amit Milind Sarode. He was a resident of Janta Vasahat and worked as a driver for a catering business.

Adesh Nanavare and Ayush Kale alias Bomblya have been named as the aides of Kamble in Sarode’s murder. As per the police, Kale and Nanavare have been arrested in the past for other cases. The crime came to light when Sarode's body was retrieved from a residential area near a wholesale shop in Shahu Vasahat where he lived.

The investigation has revealed that Kamble and Nanavare were both upset over Sarode’s affair with Kamble’s daughter and planned the crime.

It has been said that Nanavare considered and treated Kamble’s daughter as his own sister. He was also upset over her relationship with the Sarode. The accused, accompanied by Kale, decided to murder Sarode over their disapproval. The investigation also revealed that Nanavare used to work with Kamble as his driver.

It has been reported that one of the accused shot at the boy after which the other two attacked him with sharp weapons. The deceased carried a bullet injury on his body along with stabbing marks. Police suspect that due to the new 10-day strict shutdown imposed in the city, many areas have been sealed. The area where the incident took place was also cordoned off as a result victim found it difficult to escape.

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