Pune airport gets a makeover

Sushant Ranjan
Sunday, 19 May 2019

Pune airport authority has installed few landscape paintings at the arrival and departure gates

Pune: Since Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra, it is apt that the Pune airport authority has taken steps to promote the heritage of the State in the terminal building. The authority has installed a few landscapes, which give a glimpse of Maharashtra’s art at the departure and arrival areas for passengers. Apart from this, the departure and arrival gate have also been renovated.

In the past few months, the authority has set up big landscape paintings at the departure area which narrate the story of Shivaji Maharaj and Sant Tukaram Maharaj. One artwork has been displayed at the departure area and another one at the arrival area. These two were set in November last year.

“The only purpose behind the display is to promote the State’s heritage and culture. We have set up green walls in the terminal building and outside the building as well. We are expanding our internal space and in the future, passengers will see more portraits,” said Pune Airport Director Ajay Kumar.

To promote the local culture, the authority had started with a display of tribal art and culture of the State. 

“We have recently renovated the arrival and departure gates as well. The new look attracts the passengers and it is easier to locate the departure gate (D2). The other departure gate (D1) will soon be renovated,” said Kumar. However, the passengers have welcomed the move taken by the Pune airport authority. The passengers had complained about the lack of spaces.

IT professional Jayant Deshmukh said, “Earlier, there was inadequate space for seating. Now, there is sufficient sitting arrangement. Even during peak hours, fewer passengers stand, which is normal in every airport. Many of us are very happy about the recent developments.”


  • The Pune airport authority is promoting green practices and has developed ‘Green Virtual Wall’ at four places.
  • In the past three months, the airport authority had focused on providing more facilities to passengers.
  • The seating area has been increased. 
  • The extra spaces, which were not in use, are now utilised for food outlets, extra shopping counters and information display boards.
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