Potholes a hazard for commuters

Friday, 12 July 2019

The few spells of rain this season have already exposed the shoddy road work

PUNE: With the monsoon in full swing, potholes have become a grave concern for citizens in the city. 

On Wednesday, a resident of Mohammadwadi, Zia Inamdar, met with an accident on Mohammadwadi-Undri connecting road due to a huge pothole.

“I was going to Bishop’s Undri School to bring my son on my Activa scooter at 1.30 pm on Wednesday. It was raining very heavily all over the place. I crossed Dorabjee Heritage Mall and took the right turn on the road near Oyo Guest House. This is the Mohammadwadi-Undri connecting road. There is a huge pothole which is nearly half the size of the width of the road and it is becoming bigger with accumulation of rainwater. My two-wheeler’s tyres got stuck in the pothole and I lost my balance and fell into it,” said Zia.

The sharp edges of the pothole inflicted a serious chin injury on her and she sustained left wrist fracture. 

She said, “The doctors put five stitches to the wound after which the blood flow stopped. Besides, I sustained left wrist fracture, which is very painful. This pothole has not been repaired for past many months by the ciciv body.”

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Road Department has become the laughing stock in the eyes of the people. The PMC no longer works for the people of the city as is evident from potholes and bad roads. 

“We demand they be arrested and jailed for risking lives of people and shamelessly charging taxes,” said Daljeet Goraya, resident of Ganga Kingston Society, NIBM Road.

With only a few days of rains this season, the roads in Pune are in tatters. The same old sordid story of potholed roads is getting repeated year after year with no improvement, said Prashant Inamdar, Convenor, Pedestrians First. 

He added, “Road making is not a rocket science and it is a wonder that the Pune Municipal Corporation has never been able to get its act together to make reasonably good roads  in the city which would be able to withstand normal seasonal rains without undue damage. This state results in causing untold hardships to citizens, as also highly unsafe road conditions.”

PMC Superintendent Engineer of Road Department, Aniruddha Pawaskar said, “We came to know about potholes on Mohammadwadi-Undri connecting road. We repaired potholes on that particular road. We have started to repair potholes as we receive complaints from the public, police administration and PMC employees.”

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