Police search for 20-year-old from Poona Club servant quarters for murder of Ex-army Capt Ravindra Bali

Prateek Goyal
Thursday, 8 February 2018

 Pune police have identified the killer of former Army Captain Ravindra Bali who was killed on the intervening night of February 1 and 2.

PUNE: Pune police have identified the killer of former Army Captain Ravindra Bali who was killed on the intervening night of February 1 and 2.

Security was never a concern for 67-year-old former Army Captain Ravindra Bali, who had taken refuge under a blue tent for the past 4-5 years after loosing everything to fate. His tent was within Southern Command premises and barely 50 m away from Lashkar Police station. This being a heavily guarded area with armed security everywhere was the last place where he could have been killed, till the 20-year old bludgeoned him to death.

His murder has not only raised questions about the vigil of Pune police across the city in the dark hours but also the security breach in the heavily guarded Southern Command which is known for residences of top brass of Army as well as police and is also visited by the top commanders including the Army chief.

Meanwhile, after a week-long search, the Pune police have identified the killer, a young 20-year-old boy. A source privy to the investigation informed that youngster has been identified as Robin, a resident of servant quarters of Poona Club which resembles a slum establishment located between Poona Club and Ladies Club on Tarapore Road.

According to the sources, on the night of the murder, the accused and his friend were seen passing through Dr Coyaji Road. His friend was seen rolling the two-wheeler after his vehicle ran out of fuel. The accused was then seen by a watchman at the government quarters of a senior officer of police at Club of Western India which is opposite to where Capt Bali resided.

Apparently, it is also the residence of Additional Commissioner of Police Sahebrao Patil, DCP (Traffic) Ashok Morale, DCP MB Tambade and State Information Commissioner Ravindra Jadhav.

“It was the watchman’s first day of duty and he was unsure how and whom to report to about the incident. At that time, a relative of a police officer residing at the Western Club informed the police about the incident. Later, a complaint was registered,” the source added.

According to the information available with Sakal Times on the basis of CCTV footage, the accused was wearing a sports attire with a round neck t-shirt, shorts over slacks and red sports shoes. After attacking Capt Bali, he was seen running through East Street, MG Road, Moledina Road, Bund Garden and Tarapore Road.

Vasant Kuvar, Police Inspector, Lashkar Police station, said, “After attacking Capt Bali, the accused went absconding. However, we have identified him and will arrest him soon. The reason behind the murderous attack is still unknown.”

Rashmi Shukla, Pune Police Commissioner, said, “The accused was seen escaping the spot in the CCTV footage and we will nab him soon. Despite being a heavily guarded area, we need to increase the vigil in this area besides other areas too so as to prevent such incidents in the future.”

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