PMC develops app to get data on stray dogs

ST Correspondent
Monday, 20 May 2019

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has developed a mobile application to get real time data on sterilisation of stray dogs.

Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has developed a mobile application to get real time data on sterilisation of stray dogs.  The app was developed to clear people’s doubts about the exact number of sterilised stray dogs. Hence, the civic body has introduced the application named ‘street dog squad’.
The civic administration has claimed that it is the first such application across Maharashtra dedicated to the stray dogs issue. 
PMC Chief Medical Officer Dr Ramchandra Hankare said, “A private company developed the application as per the specifications of the PMC. “

“It has started operating last month. There are some issues regarding the application but they will be solved soon. The purpose of the app is to keep a record, introduce transparency in stray dogs-related issues. Next month, the PMC will post day-to-day information of dogs catch-and-sterilisation on PMC website so that people can get the details.”

The ‘street dog squad’ app, which has a category of information to be filled by officers or employees such as street capture, hospital admission, hospital discharge, street release information. The application has facility to view capture transit list, active admission list, release transit list, dog squad non-release list, hospital non-release list and released dogs list. 

According to data provided by the PMC, there are around 1 lakh dogs in the city. Though the PMC hasn’t done any census, it claims the number of dogs is 1 lakh for the past five years. Now, this application can help the civic body know the exact numbers of stray dogs 
in the city. 

According to the Animal Birth Control (ABC) Act, 2001, the PMC catches dogs, sterilises, immunises and again releases them in the same area. The stray dog control unit is running under the Health Department of the PMC. Complaints of stray dog nuisance are resolved by the four zonal medical officers. The department is decentralised and run by zonal medical officers and division sanitary inspectors.

The PMC has awarded contracts for sterilisation of stray dogs to three organisations:  Blue Cross Catching and Release, ABC, Animal Welfare Association, (Mumbai), and Universal Animal Welfare Association (Beed). There are two dog pounds at the Naidu Hospital near Pune railway station and another in Mundhwa. A third dog pound is being built in Baner.

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