Pen Lovers’ Meet on Sept 21

ST Correspondent
Thursday, 20 September 2018

Pelikan fans around the world will meet tomorrow.

Pune: In an unique and amusing opportunity for the pen collectors and pen lovers in the city to meet and interact, a ‘Pen Lovers’ Meet’ has been organised in the city on September 21.

While the meet is being organised for the first time in Pune, Pelikan Pen Company has been encouraging people to organise such meets in different cities across the world in the third week of September for the past five years (since 2014), to commemorate the company’s anniversary. This year, the meet will be held in 45 countries in 180 cities on the same day at the same time, that is 6:30 pm on Friday.

Surendra Karamchandani of Venus Traders who has taken initiative to bring together the city’s pen lovers for the event this year said, “For the first time, 20 people from Pune have registered on the Pelikan’s website. When more than 10 people from any city register, the city is given the status of ‘Pelican Hub’. Pen lovers meet, talk fondly about pens and show each other their collections. We are also sent, gifts and tokens by Pelikan.” 

Karamchandani also said that while his love for pens began because of his shop, it faded away a bit after a while. Anyway, he has taken his old collection out to show it to the fellow pen collectors at the meet.

Deepesh Mehta, a fountain pen collector, who will be attending the meet, said, “Fountain pens have value for money. The older the pen, the greater is its vintage value. Some of the pens that I have, have nips with 12 to 14 carat gold. Writing with these pens is such a unique experience. At the meet, we hope to expand our knowledge by seeing other people’s collections and and sharing experiences with them.”

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