Officials meet up to discuss polling in Maval and Shirur

Friday, 26 April 2019

Maval Lok Sabha election observer said that all regional officials have to take responsibility for their work and ensure that facilities are provided to the voters.

PUNE: As the voting in Parliamentary constituencies Maval and Shirur is going to take place on April 29, a meeting of regional officers of Maval and Shirur constituency was held at District Collector’s office on Thursday to ensure that peaceful elections are conducted in these two constituencies.

Divisional Commissioner Deepak Mhaisekar said that all difficulties faced in the polling process in the previous Lok Sabha constituency should be studied and taken care off. He asked Regional Officers to take timely custody of necessary material and information regarding the elections and report.  If there are any problems regarding the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) or VVPAT during, then it should take help from the concerned technicians. 

During the meeting, Maval Lok Sabha election observer Ashok Kumar Singh said that all  regional officials have to take responsibility for their work and ensure that all facilities should be provided to the voters to ensure the smooth process.

District Collector Naval Kishore Ram said that in Pune and Baramati Lok Sabha constituencies, everyone acted responsibly and no technical difficulty has been found and the voting process was smooth, and if such planned work will be done in the remaining constituencies, the process will be smooth.

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