Notices issued to uncertified compostable bag companies

Anvita Srivastava
Friday, 25 January 2019

Following the plastic ban imposed in Maharashtra on June 23, 2018, there has been an increased demand for compostable plastic bags.

Pune: Following the plastic ban imposed in Maharashtra on June 23, 2018, there has been an increased demand for compostable plastic bags. However, Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has pulled up 12 such companies across the country for selling counterfeit compostable bags in the guise of real ones. One such manufacturing unit is located in  Mumbai. 

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has issued notices to 12 companies for selling products in the names of compostable  products on the basis of fake certificate. As per the notice, there are 12 companies that were marketing uncertified compostable bags in Indian market. The notice states that these firms have not been authorised and issued certificate by CPCB as per Rule4(h) of Plastic Waste Management (PWM), 2016. CPCB has stated that appropriate action will be taken against violators/defaulters of PWM rules notified in 2016, amended in 2018.

CPCB has also issued the names of certified manufacturers on its website that includes 17 firms across India and six companies are from Maharashtra located in Pune, Mumbai and Nashik. Sakal Times spoke to the certified manufacturers of compostable bags.

Nayan Joshi, General Manger of M/S Narendra Plastic Pvt Ltd, said, “CPCB has the done the right decision by taking actions against offenders. The process to get the certificate is lengthy and take almost six to eight months of time but it is important to go through that process or else anyone can claim fake compostable products as the real one.”

Deepak Sangvi, MD, TRUEGREEN said, “I am aware about the notice and I feel that CPCB has done a wonderful job by issuing notice against offenders. The process of CIPET is lengthy and time consuming and sometimes, there is waiting that can eventually result in the wait of 15 to 18 months. But this process is important and non-negotiable as it is in the best interest of environment and citizens of the country.”

This process is important and if someone is using a short cut, an action against these offenders is mandatory, he added.

Ali Asgar, Co-founder of M/S Sunny Enterprise, said, “The process of certification is time-consuming but it is the process and everyone has to go through it. It is important to take action against the offenders and CPCB is doing the right thing by issuing notice against them.

Ravi Jashnani, President of Maharashtra Plastic Manufacturers Association, said, “CPCB has done the right thing by issuing a notice against the offenders. It is important for MPCB also to take necessary actions as there are still plastic bags, non-woven bags are available in the market.”

Inamdar IS, Senior Health Inspector and plastic squad incharge, Pune, said, “There are no such companies in Pune that are manufacturing compostable bags with fake certificates but there is supply and we are taking necessary strict action against it. “For last three months, we are doing inspection and captured around two tonnes of plastic bags included of fake compostable bags, plastic bags claiming to be less that 50 microns but are not.”

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