No VIP culture at palkhis this year

Prajakta Joshi
Monday, 19 June 2017

Modi’s appeal bears fruit in Pune, bigshots stand in line to offer darshan at palkhis of saints

Pune: The Modi government’s appeal against VIP culture in the country seems to have borne fruit in Pune as was evident from the absence of it at palkhis in the city this year.

Making norms against VIP entry stricter, Palkhi Vitthal Mandir Trust, Bhawani Peth, who have made strict arrangements for palkhi darshan, have put up a board saying that ‘VIP pass/entry is not available’.

“Every year, there is a rule that VIP entry will not be given to anybody. However, it’s never official and so people do go inside without having to stand in line. This year, by putting up a board, this rule has been made official,” said Police Constable Sahil Sheikh.

Sheikh further added, “This year, most corporators in the city have been elected for the first time in their lives. May be that’s why no one has come to fight saying they wish to get a VIP entry. Everybody who has come for darshan has stood in line. There haven’t been any big issues as such. There were a few fights within members of the trust itself for letting their relatives in, however, nothing much has happened.”

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