No Takers For Poor Quality Kharif Crop Of Onions

Anvita Srivastava
Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Satish Jagtap, a vegetable vendor in Mahatma Phule Mandai, Pune said, “The old onions were more in demand while there is hardly any demand for new onions. New onions were of extremely bad quality and rotted quickly. Therefore, I do not bring new onions from the market. Why should I spend money on new onions if there are hardly any takers for that?”

PUNE: Now, the onion is bringing tears to the eyes of farmers from Ahmednagar district who were forced to sell their onion produce at a minimal rate of Rs 4 per kg. The extended rainfall has damaged the new crop of kharif season onion resulting in low quality of onion, which does not have many takers in the market.

Bhausahab Thorat, onion farmer from Parner taluka, Ahmednagar district said, “The extended rainfall caused damage to the kharif season onion and 90 per cent of the produce has been damaged.”

“I have one acre of land which normally produces 10 tonnes onion but this time, I managed to produce only one tonne onion. Its quality was not good and therefore the rates we were getting were between Rs 4 to Rs 12 in the APMCs in Nagar districts. We were not able to even cover our production cost and this has hit the farmers badly,” Thorat said. 

A video of a farmer from Ahmednagar district who sold onion at Rs 8 was going viral. He was talking about the losses he uncured and the amount he received was not sufficient for his family and the labourers whom he has to pay.

Another farmer from Rahuri taluka, Ahmednagar district, Machhindra Kadam said, “I have two acres of onion farms and out of which my 90 per cent produce was damaged. The output of kharif season was extremely bad and the prices were not that good. We were forced to sell at Rs 4 to 12 per kg.” 

“A little produce was sold from Rs 20 to 30, but it is less. This rain has caused havoc for the farmers as we were unable to recover our cost of production.”

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