New Year, new resolutions

Sakal Times
Sunday, 31 December 2017

Readers share some of their resolutions and goals for 2018

Pune: As the New Year has arrived, it is the time when people start making resolutions and working on them to fulfil them by the year-end. So Sakal Times spoke to people from various strata of life about their New Year resolutions. Our readers shared some of their serious, funny and weird resolutions of the year. 

“I will not lose my temper even if my patient compares all my knowledge with Google and keeps on giving me such references.” 
- Dr Shalak Shimpi, Gynaecologist 

“Mathematics is my favourite subject and I have been planning to work on two problems for some time now. I aim to finish my research work on those two problems by this year. Also, meditation would be another goal which I want to accomplish in this year.” 
- Dilip Sheth, Principal of Sir Parashurambhau (SP) College 

“My resolution would be to have more self-conversations than with others.” 
- Isha Arora, journalist 

“I would like to do at least one thing which scares me. And would also follow a skin care regime, drink lots of water and be happy.” 
- Kanishka Mehta, social media producer 

“I am planning to write a Marathi novel within a span of one year. Also, I want to learn one language either German or French in 2018. Further, plans would be to have interviews with tribal people of Maharashtra.” 
- Prabhakar Desai, Director of Students Welfare of SPPU 

“This year I have decided to focus on becoming fitter and healthier than last year. Also, to learn and practice a skill to enhance my capacity.” 
- Rama Sarode, city-based advocate 

“Firstly, I need to start paying off my credit card bills on time as I have been charged extra for the delay in payment many times. On a serious note, I want to at least start working on a research paper based on recent trends in the Internet of things.” 
- Nousheen Attar, IT professional 

“I have a list of goals to follow throughout the year. I will practise reading for at least 45 minutes each day, use gratitude poem journal to create a monthly focus. Start working out and waking up early in the morning. Meditate four times a week and keep my taste buds happy by preparing tasty food. Lastly, have more money in my bank account.” 
- Sejal Dhoka, Psychologist and Blogger 

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