Lack of teachers at night schools irks students

Sakal Times
Sunday, 14 January 2018

Govt has barred day school teachers from teaching at night

Pune: Students studying at night schools across the State have been affected by the lack of sufficient teachers.
The night schools were hit after the State government, in a GR dated May 17, 2017, stated that the day school teachers will not be allowed to teach in night schools.

Even after seven months, the situation has not  improved.
Speaking about the issue, Avinash Takawale, Principal, Poona Night High School and Junior College, said, “The vacancies at the night schools were never for a full-time job. At the time when the GR was issued, around 2,100 teachers were working in night schools across Maharashtra. Out of this, 1,458 were working in day schools as well. Following the GR, all of them had to discontinue, thus leaving a big void here.”

Government’s logic 
The GR stated that the decision was made as the government had to incur losses, paying the increased salaries of the teachers who indulged in double jobs.

“While discontinuing so many teachers from working at night schools has saved the government a lot of money, it has cost the night schools and the students studying there. Moreover, we cannot recruit new teachers on our own due to the government directives that we cannot advertise for new recruitments. More than six months after the GR was issued, we are still left without teachers. Our file is still stuck in bureaucracy,” Takawale said.

Poor students suffer
Reacting to the issue, education and social activist Nihal Kirnalli said, “Students who go to night schools are the ones who come from poor family backgrounds and work during the day and go to schools at the end of the day. In the current situation, there have hardly been teachers to teach these students for the last seven months. This is a serious blunder by the State government. The board exams are not far and students are terrified to take the exams without complete 

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