Kanjarbhat community protest against Jaat Panchayats' archaic rituals

Sakal Times
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The members of Kanjarbhat community met District Collector Saurabh Rao demanding abolition of the archaic rituals.

Pune: Members of various organisations staged a protest outside the collector's office on Tuesday against archaic rituals conducted by caste councils (Jaat Panchayats) in NT/DNT communities. The members met District Collector Saurabh Rao demanding abolition of the archaic rituals.

Vaishali Bhandwalkar, coordinator of Bhatke Vimukt Mahila Adhikar Andolan, said, “Draconian rituals are conducted by Jaat Panchayats. The ritual of virginity test (Kaumarya Pariksha) in Kanjarbhats is one of the worst forms of violations of rights and privacy of a woman. It is humiliation of the worst kind. There are many other such rituals which humiliate and violate rights of an 

Vivek Tamaichkar, who is fighting against such rituals and runs a campaign against virginity test called  'Stop the V ritual' was present. He said he witnessed such incidents since childhood and so started the campaign. "Many people are supporting us and we appeal to people to join us against such practices," added  Tamaichkar. The organisations opposed rituals of virginity test, social boycott, truth test and other draconian rituals carried out by Jaat Panchayats.

"We want government authorities to take action against communities calling for virginity test of girls. The girls are not in a state to go for such tests. The social boycott act takes care of such rituals and so the authorities should take action suo motto," added Bhandwalkar. 


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