IISER organises events to mark Mathematics Day

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Saturday, 10 March 2018

The speakers discussed array of topics on mathematics

Pune: Ahead of Mathematics Day, celebrated on March 14, which is numerically interpreted as 3.14, a series of events based on mathematics was organised by the Math Club of Indian Institute of Science and Research (IISER) throughout the week at IISER campus.

The events included a symposium on mathematics and its applications in other fields of research by five women experts from physics, chemistry, biology, applied mathematics, etc. The symposium was named ‘An app called Math-Women edition,’ which was organised especially to celebrate Women’s Day.

Speakers at the event at IISER included Nabamita Banerjee, IISER Pune, Leelavati Narlikar, National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Durba Sengupta, NCL, Neena Joseph Mani, IISER, Pune and Anisa Chorwadwala, IISER, Pune city. 

The speakers discussed an array of topics like machine learning for molecular biology, What Can Numerics Tell Us About Cell Membranes?, Predictability of Weather and Climate, a glimpse of Shape Optimisation Problems via the Problem of Queen Dido.

Various events organised 
† IISER students have prepared a play on Madhava, who had discovered a series called Madhava-Lebiniz series to find pi (3.14), which will be enacted on Mathematics day.
† There were several other activities organised like quiz competition, Sine rider, Sprouts, Math Pictionary, Zome tools, Rubikmania, Code breaking, Hopscotch, etc.
† IISER saw participation of about 300-400 students from in and around the city during their week-long activities.

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