Going online biggest achievement of RTO in 2017

Sushant Ranjan
Tuesday, 19 December 2017

As we approach the end of 2017, Sakal Times revisits the major happenings that took place in the country during the year. This report throws light on how most of the services provided by the RTO have gone online and appreciated by people

Pune: Earlier, the services provided by the Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) were never appreciated by citizens, as all work was done through agents. However, the picture has started changing after November this year. 

The RTO has brought a smile on citizens' faces by bringing all procedures online, which has been the biggest achievement of the office till date. Citizens have appreciated the initiative as the need for an agent has been done away with. All procedures are being done smoothly now.

The services of the RTO, including vehicle tax payment, updating of the address and change in the vehicle ownership, among others, went online from November 1, 2017. With most of the RTO services going online, long queues at the office and the growing number of agents have almost vanished. All licence-related work has also gone online. The services related to vehicles such as paying of tax, change of ownership (in case the vehicle is sold), change of address, loan-related work are being done online.

The RTO earned Rs 51.83 crore in November alone. In this month, around 41,728 applicants had applied online for various facilities. Besides this, the department has also earned Rs 1.59 crore through Demand Drafts (DD) payments. Earlier, the online facility was available only in case of the learner or permanent licence application and for payment of the vehicle registration fee. The RTO generated revenue amounting to Rs 43.01 crore through the facility in October.

In fact, many applicants, who are not well-versed with the Internet and have difficulty in filling forms or paying various charges online, can visit the Common Services Centres (CSC) for the same.

The RTO is trying to streamline all procedures, but applicants are still facing some difficulties. Ever since the State transport department shifted the learning and permanent licence process online, applicants have been facing various difficulties such as errors related to the website and payment issues. 

Some applicants complain that when they pay online, the website takes too much time to verify the bank name.

Sometimes even after completion of the payment, the message stating 'payment not completed' appears. Every day, around 250 applicants are given appointments through the online procedure.

They come to the RTO Sangamwadi office on the appointed date. However, due to issues regarding online payment of fees, their tests are not conducted. The applicants return from the RTO office with an assurance that it will be done very soon.

Beside this, a number of vehicles are brought on the roads daily in the city. In November, around two lakh vehicles were registered with the Pune RTO. Around one lakh vehicles were registered with the Pimpri-Chinchwad RTO in the same month.

Earlier, the online facility was available only for applying for the payment to get an appointment for the learner or permanent licence and for the registration fee of the vehicle.

Revenue generated through online facility till November 2017
Rs 51.83 cr: Earned from 41,728 applicants in November
Rs 43.01 cr: Earned from 22,188 applications in October 
Rs 1.60 cr: Earned from Demand Draft (DD) with 295 receipts

Vehicle registered with Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad RTO till November 2017
1,46,386 two-wheelers registered with Pune RTO
76,374 two-wheelers registered with Pimpri-Chinchwad RTO
37,942 four-wheelers registered with Pune RTO
20,182 four-wheelers registered with Pimpri-Chinchwad RTO 

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