Garbage on Sassoon Road threat to health

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Residents, commuters complain of foul smell, urge PMC to clear the filth, which has been lying for over 10 days

Pune: The sight of piles of garbage on Sassoon Road in the vicinity of two prominent hospitals - Jehangir Hospital and Ruby Hall Clinic - has an eye soar for the citizens who work, stay or travel in the area but has failed to move the Pune Municipal Corporation.

When Sakal Times team visited the place on Monday after receiving several complaints from the residents over emails, the locals (shopkeepers, passersby and others) had to cover their mouths while passing through this patch of Sassoon Road opposite Jehangir Hospital towards Bund Garden. The unbearable stink of the unlifted garbage has made life miserable for the people in the area.

Interestingly, owing to the hospitals in the vicinity, many medical stores, travel agents, restaurants, etc, located in the area had to bear the stink for over a week now. Local residents and shopkeepers said that the garbage has not been lifted from the place for over 10 days. "It is extremely difficult for us to work in the shops due to the stench. Moreover, the garbage can give rise to various air-borne diseases and this was our main concern," said one of the shopkeepers. 

Patients come to these hospitals from far-flung areas and many foreigners also come to the hospitals for treatment. When the relatives come out to relax from the hospital atmosphere, they end up seeing the filth and unbearable stench," said one of the chemists, who has a shop right opposite the hospital. 

"The authorities must clean and clear the area regularly as garbage poses a great danger to the health of people and patients," said a relative of a patient at one of the hospitals.
The travel agent, who operates the tour and travel business, said, "The garbage is piling up right before our shop and the smell becomes irritable. We do not know who throws the garbage here, as we open our shop at 4 pm. It is a request to the PMC to solve this issue as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, when contacted, Vijay Dahibhate, PMC Deputy Commissioner (Zone 1), promising to clear the area right away, said, "We do clean and clear the garbage on a daily basis. We will see that the people who have littered the area will face penalties and strict action. They will be imposed fine of Rs 1,000 to 5,000." 

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