Fighting COVID-19: Spitting at public places in Pune will now cost you Rs 1000

Akshay Badwe
Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Now pay Rs 1,000 as fine if you spit at public places in Pune city

Pune: In order to curtail the spread of novel coronavirus, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has increased fine for spitting at public places. The administration will penalise Rs 1,000 if found spitting in. While, if anyone found travelling without facemask will have to pay Rs 500 as fine. PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar in his order on Tuesday cleared.

Spit-laced corners can be found at many places across the city which has become one of the biggest hygiene and cleanliness issues that needs to be tackled with.

The Pune district administration recently declared that they have collected Rs 1.1 crore in a month for spitting on the roads and venturing without masks.

In order to keep the streets of Pune clean, the administration in 2018 even launched a new anti-spitting drive where violators were asked to clean their own mess and pay a fine. A 32-year-old man (identity purposely not disclosed), a resident of Aundh, was waiting to be picked up in his office bus. He had a paan (betel leaf) to kill time. As he was savouring the paan, he casually spat the residue at the bus stop. Suddenly, a group of five people who named themselves as ‘Pune’s City Squad’ came charging towards him and asked him to clean up his mess before he boards the bus and pay a fine. Will this initiative can be relaunched in the city amid the pandemic?

According to PMC, the total number of COVID-19 patients till date has crossed 1,20,757 out of which 1,00,532 have been cured. 2,832 have lost their lives amid the crisis. There are still 17,393 active patients undergoing treatment at various hospitals in the city. Of which 928 are critical while 479 are on ventilator support.

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