Essay collection on India’s future released in city

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The book is organised into four sections, prominently comprehending 35 essays.

Pune: The first-ever collection of 35 essays on India’s future, ‘Alternative Future: India Unshackled’ was released on Sunday by veteran socialist leader Dr Baba Adhav. 

The book is written by a diverse set of authors including activists, researchers, media practitioners and those who have influenced policies, along with those who are working at grass root level. 

The book is organised into four sections, prominently comprehending 35 essays. Firstly, the ecological future which includes environmental governance, biodiversity conservation, water and energy. 

Secondly, it envisions political future, incorporating those of democracy and power, law, ideology, and India’s role in the globe. There are a number of essays on economic future comprising agriculture, pastoralism, industry, crafts, villages and cities, localisation, markets, transportation and technology. 

Lastly, the book explores socio-cultural future encompassing languages, learning and education, knowledge, health, sexuality and gender, and marginalised sections like Dalits, Adivasis and religious minorities.

The book will also be released in different parts of the world. After six to eight months, it will be available online, also, the translation will be done soon. 

Ashish Kothari, editor of the book, said, “The idea was to bring out the thoughts of activists who are working in their field and get to know how they see the world 50 years down the line. The book not only contains the future perspective of the authors, but also the present scenarios in different areas and how development should be done for it.”

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